Internal Rules



  1. Gradiali Medical SPA & Wellness (hereinafter referred to as the sanatorium) is a place of rest that provides accommodation, food services, rehabilitative treatment, wellness, and beauty services, organizes conferences, celebrations and other events.
  2. The operator of the sanatorium (hereinafter – the operator) – UAB “Sveikatos uostas” (registered address at Vanagupės St. 15, Palanga, registration number no. 303997416) and UAB “Palangos Žvorūnė” (registered address at Vanagupės St. 15, Palanga, registration number no.152679144).
  3. A guest of the Sanatorium means any person within the territory of the of the Sanatorium.
  4. The minimum age to register at the Sanatorium is 18 years.
  5. These rules of internal procedure (hereinafter – the rules) determine the duties and rights of guests of the Sanatorium when using the services of the Sanatorium and the guest service procedure.
  6. These rules are mandatory for all guests of the Sanatorium.
  7. Each guest must comply with the requirements set forth in these rules.
  8. Each guest, upon registering at the Sanatorium, confirms that he/she has familiarized himself with these rules and introduced them to the persons who came with him, and undertakes to abide by them unconditionally and to ensure that the persons who came with him abide by them.
  9. The person registered at the Sanatorium is responsible for the consequences of not knowing or not following these rules.
  10. The Sanatorium staff has the right not to admit guests whose behavior is inappropriate, contrary to public order and other norms of behavior accepted in society.
  11. Sanatorium services are not provided to guests who do not agree to comply with the rules of the Sanatorium.
  12. It is forbidden to visit and pose a threat to guests under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or psychotropic substances in the premises of the Sanatorium for their own safety or that of others. Guests who are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances, the staff has the right to ask out of the Sanatorium premises, escort them to the guest room or, in case of conflict, call the police or other competent authorities without compensation of the paid service fee.
  13. A guest who is intoxicated by alcohol or other psychotropic or narcotic substances or is in an unsuitable state of health (without informing the Sanatorium employees and without providing documents confirming the state of health), cannot use the services and procedures provided in the Sanatorium (for example: swimming in swimming pools and using saunas or other pools and saunas zone services, go to a massage procedure etc.). In case of an accident or changed health condition of the guest, all responsibility rests with the guest, the guest has no right or reason to demand responsibility and compensation from Sanatorium.
  14. Before choosing the Sanatorium services, guest is recommended to check his/her health status and consult with his doctor or the doctor working at the Sanatorium to make sure that his/her health allows using the Sanatorium services. The Sanatorium does not take responsibility for the health condition of the guest, does not answer and does not compensate the guest for the material and non-material damage caused to his health and life, except in cases where the damage occurred due to the fault of the Sanatorium.
  15. Sanatorium administration has the right to remove from the territory guests who repeatedly violate the rules of Sanatorium after the first warning.
  16. To ensure safety, the common rooms and spaces of Sanatorium are monitored by video cameras.
  17. The guest of the Sanatorium must compensate for the damage caused to the property of the Sanatorium and to third parties in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.




  1. Sanatorium prices are determined by the operator.
  2. Payment for services can be made in cash, credit and debit cards, bank transfer, gift voucher.
  3. The operator has the right to change the list of Sanatorium services and prices without prior notice.
  4. The guest acquires the right to use the services provided by Sanatorium only after paying for the services.
  5. Sanatorium reserves the right to demand an advance payment for services – 50 percent. from the total amount of the ordered service. The paid advance is included in the final price of the provided service. For accommodation services, the guest pays the remaining amount in advance or on the day of arrival.
  6. For beauty, healing and wellness services, guest must pay before the procedures or include the amount to be paid in the room bill.
  7. Guest must pay for the services of the leisure inventory before starting to use it, in individual cases – by adding the amount due to the room bill. The Sanatorium reserves the right not to provide services for which no payment has been made.
  8. Sanatorium reserves the right not to refund payment for accommodation services, if they were canceled less than 72 hours before the day of arrival until 15:00.
  9. The reservation of accommodation services can be canceled with the possibility of using the amount valid at the time of the original reservation within 3 months from the date of cancellation of the original reservation, upon submission of documents of the reason for the cancellation (due to the illness of the guest or a cared-for relative, incapacity, death of a relative, etc.). Extension of the accommodation service is possible 1 time.
  10. Accommodation reservations received through partner (eg:, etc.) reservation systems (eg:,,, etc.), prepayment, reservation cancellation, transfer, exchange, or no-show provisions can be found at the time of booking.
  11. Administrative fees, prices for additional services and rates for damages are set out in Appendix 1 of these rules.



  1. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  2. The validity period of gift vouchers is not extended.
  3. After reserving services with a gift voucher and not using them or canceling them more than 72 hours before, the gift voucher is considered used.
  4. Gift vouchers can be used once (during the guest’s stay), the balance of the gift voucher is non-refundable.




  1. The Sanatorium is open around the clock.
  2. From 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. there is a quiet time in the Sanatorium. It can be changed only with the permission of Sanatorium administration. During quiet time, guests must not make noise or otherwise disturb the rest of the guests of the Sanatorium.




  1. Child – a person under 16 years of age.
  2. Children can use the services of Sanatorium only together with adults who supervise them, who are responsible for the safety of minors and compliance with these rules.
  3. Full responsibility for the health, safety, appropriate behavior, and compliance of these rules of children under 16 years of age is assumed by parents or accompanying adults. Children up to 16 years are admitted to the pool area only when accompanied by adults who supervise them, who are responsible for their safety and life.




  1. Guests with pets are not accepted in the Sanatorium.
  2. If guests arrive with pets and violate point 38 of these rules, an administrative fine is applied, specified in Appendix no. 1




  1. Sanatorium guests can park their cars in the Sanatorium lots free of charge.
  2. Parking lots of the Sanatorium is not guarded; therefore, the Sanatorium is not responsible for the guarding of the Guests’ vehicles, objects and/or animals in them.
  3. In the Sanatorium, vehicles can only be driven on designated roads. Parking cars on the grass is strictly prohibited.




  1. Guests of the Sanatorium are accepted from 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and checked out until 12:00 p.m. on the day of departure.
  2. Sanatorium guests who want to shorten their stay are charged the full price of the next day, regardless of how many days the stay is shortened.
  3. For Sanatorium guests to extend their stay, i.e. i.e. choose a late departure, but no later than 19:00, the fee specified in Appendix No. 1 is applied. In this case, the length of stay can be extended only if rooms are available.
  4. ​​Guests of the Sanatorium who wish to arrive earlier are subject to an hourly fee specified in Appendix No. 1. Early check-in is only possible if rooms are available.
  5. The guest living in the Sanatorium must pay the city tax of Palanga i.e. i.e. the person is subject to the city tax valid on the days of the guest’s visit.
  6. At the time of registration, the guest must present an identity document, fill out the Guest registration card and other necessary documents.
  7. Things in the rooms of the Sanatorium and other premises of the Sanatorium are the property of the Sanatorium, the guest has no right to take them when leaving, with the exception of hygiene products intended for one-time use.
  8. Only guests registered at the reception of the Sanatorium can stay in the rooms. Guests must pay for all persons occupying the room. If the administration is not informed about the additional persons living in the room, the administrative fee indicated in Appendix no. 1.
  9. When leaving, the guest must return the inventory provided by the Sanatorium to the staff. In case of damage, loss or other loss, the guest must compensate the value of the inventory. If the magnetic key is lost, an administrative fee is applied, specified in Appendix no. 1.
  10. Guests are advised to be careful in the shower and bathrooms, use mats if the floor is slippery.
  11. Guests are personally responsible for items or personal property left in the room or other premises of the Sanatorium. Guests can use the safe in the hotel room and leave expensive and valuable things in it during their stay. The contents of the safe in the rooms are not known to the Sanatorium, and the Sanatorium is not responsible for the preservation, disappearance, lack or accidental damage of items left in the safe.
  12. A guest who has suffered property and/or non-property damage must immediately (within 1 hour from the observation or occurrence of the event) report this to the Sanatorium’s reception, indicating the place and circumstances of the event. If the visitor does not comply with this condition, later complaints will not be considered.
  13. Sanatorium undertakes to keep the Guests’ belongings found in the sanatorium after their departure for 30 days and not to use the stored items for the entire period of their storage. Hygiene products, underwear, bathing accessories and other similar items are not stored and disposed of after the guest leaves.
  14. At the written request of the Guest, items belonging to the Guest may be sent by post or otherwise transferred, if the Guest agrees to pay the costs of shipping or other delivery of the item(s) and the costs related to the storage of the item(s) in the Sanatorium, specified in Appendix no. 1.
  15. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises of the Sanatorium. The administrative fee for smoking on balconies, rooms and public spaces is specified in Appendix no. 1. To ensure the safety of Sanatorium guests, all rooms are equipped with smoke and fire alarms.
  16. Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas located near the Sanatorium.
  17. It is prohibited to use and store quickly explosive materials, fireworks, other pyrotechnics, small multi-colored paper flyers (“confetti”), cold fires in the hotel rooms.
  18. It is forbidden to leave switched on electrical devices in hotel rooms.
  19. Sanatorium rooms are cleaned daily from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.
  20. Bed linen in the Sanatorium is changed every three days, towels and bathrobes are changed daily if requested by the guest.
  21. The guest who has reserved the room(s) is responsible for the behavior of all persons living in the room and compliance with these rules.
  22. It is forbidden to bring tools, weapons, or other means dangerous to health and life into the territory of the Sanatorium. It is prohibited to bring, use, store and consume any narcotic or other psychotropic substances. In all such cases, the Sanatorium administration calls the police.
  23. In case of emergency medical assistance, guests must call no. 112 or contact the reception.




  1. Breakfast is served from 7:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.
  2. Lunch is served from 12:30 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.
  3. Dinner is served from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.
  4. The operator, depending on seasonality or unforeseen circumstances, reserves the right to change the time of serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  5. Upon departure before 7:30 a.m., upon request of the guest, a food ration is provided. The guest must inform the reception of the Sanatorium about early departure by 6:00 p.m. the day before.
  6. In the event that the guest does not have any opportunity to receive his/her own meals (e.g. in case of late arrival, in exceptional cases – when going on excursions, etc.), upon the guest’s request, he/she is given a food ration. The guest must inform the reception of the Sanatorium about this need no later than 12 o’clock before. until the nearest feeding start date.
  7. The food ration consists of cold snacks: cheese, meat, bread, dairy products, fruit, water, and soft drink.
  8. It is forbidden for guests of the Sanatorium to take away food from the buffet (except for guests with diabetes).




  1. The guest of the Sanatorium can change the time of the procedure and the procedure itself free of charge once. Subsequently, Appendix no. 1 specifies administrative fee for the change of one procedure.
  2. Repeated visit to the doctor and changing the treatment plan is free of charge for the guest of the Sanatorium. Further return visits and treatment plan changes are subject to a fee. The price of one visit is indicated in Appendix no. 1.
  3. Sanatorium staff has the right not to accept the guest and not to perform the procedure if the guest is late for more than 5 minutes.
  4. If the guest is late, it may be agreed to perform the procedure in a shorter time, if the guest is late.
  5. For unused not canceled or canceled less than 3 hours before the reserved procedure, the money is not refunded (if paid in advance) or the procedure is considered completed and credited to the guest’s account.
  6. The procedures of wellness programs or other programs are not changed.
  7. There are no refunds for unused services in the programs.
  8. An administrative fee specified in Appendix no. 1.
  9. Medical and beauty services are not provided to guests intoxicated by alcohol, narcotics or other psychotropic substances, and the money paid in advance is not returned.




  1. The operating hours of the swimming pools and saunas are determined by the operator.
  2. The guest can enter the area of ​​swimming pools and saunas with a magnetic (room) card issued at the reception.
  3. The operator is not responsible for items left in the pool and sauna area and in the locker room.
  4. Guests must wear non-slip shoes in the swimming pools and saunas (it is forbidden to enter the swimming pools and saunas with the slippers provided in the hotel rooms), hold on to the railings when entering the swimming pools or whirlpools, follow the warning signs, longer hair is recommended to be tied back;
  5. Guests in ​​swimming pools and saunas must comply with hygiene requirements:
  •  it is mandatory to take a shower when entering and leaving the area of ​​swimming pools and saunas.
  • before entering the saunas and using them, it is necessary to take a shower.
  • guests of swimming pools and saunas must make sure that their health and physical capabilities allow them to use the services provided. Guests are responsible for their own health when using the services of the swimming pools and saunas.
  • guests intoxicated by alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic substances are prohibited from using the services of swimming pools and saunas.
  • in the relaxation area, spread a disposable mat under the whole body on the sunbeds (to be placed at the entrances to the saunas) or a towel (ask the pool staff), and hang the bathrobes in the place designated for them – on hangers.
  • in the Northern steam sauna and Himalayan salt saunas, it is mandatory to lay out a hygienic mat, placed near the entrance to the saunas, or a towel.
  • go to the Northern sauna with steam and the Himalayan salt sauna without slippers.
  1. Guests are prohibited from:
  • to carry and use personal cosmetics and hygiene products in swimming pools and saunas (e.g.: shaving, depilation products, use masks, scrubs).
  • use own infusions, extracts, cosmetics and shingles in saunas.
  • carry chairs, sunbeds, tables around the pool and sauna area.
  • bring drinks and food.
  • spit on the floor and in the water.
  • pour various liquids into pools, put dirty things in the water.
  • to smoke.
  • bring glass containers into the area of ​​swimming pools and saunas;
  • jumping into the water from the edges of the pool, running, climbing various structures, making noise, falsely calling for help, ignoring the warnings of the pool supervisor.
  • swimming disorderly, disturbing other visitors.
  • getting in and out of swimming pools in areas other than those designated for them.
  • to make noise or otherwise disturb other guests’ rest time in swimming pools and saunas;
  • litter, urinate, defecate or otherwise pollute the water, changing room and other areas of swimming pools and saunas.
  • chewing gum.
  • visiting patients with infectious, viral or other contagious diseases, as well as persons with open wounds and/or other health disorders that may endanger the health and/or life of the person himself or other visitors.
  • visit with animals.
  • ride with baby carriages to the pool and sauna area.
  • to occupy beds and chairs, leaving bathrobes and towels (longer than 20 min.). The staff has the right to remove them and hang them on a hanger.
  1. Children under the age of 16 are allowed in the pool and sauna area only under the supervision of accompanying persons who are responsible for their safety and compliance with public order.
  2. Guests with children under the age of 16 are welcome in the pool and sauna area until 20:00.
  3. From 8:00 p.m. – in ​​swimming pools and saunas – quiet time, only 16-year-olds and older guests can visit.
  4. A guest who has caused damage to the property belonging to the Sanatorium, the property of the guests and their health shall be liable in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Damage caused by minors or persons with disabilities is the responsibility of their parents or guardians.
  5. Sanatorium is not responsible for guests’ personal belongings or for the fact that they have been lost and/or partially damaged, including guest bathing suits that have been damaged by chlorinated water, heating in saunas or drying in drying facilities.
  6. A guest who does not comply with the rules of internal order may be warned or required to leave the pool and sauna area immediately, and the guest may be charged an administrative fee specified in Appendix no. 1, and it is forbidden to visit the area of ​​swimming pools and saunas for the entire duration of the stay.



  1. Sanatorium has a children’s playroom. By providing this service, the Sanatorium is not responsible for the impact of this service on the health of a particular child.
  2. Guest (adult) responsible for the child, before leaving the child in the playroom, must make sure that the child’s health condition allows him/her to be in the playroom and play in it together with other children.
  3. This service, depending on the health status of a particular child, may have a negative impact on the child’s health, therefore, the person responsible for the child, when leaving the child in the playroom, must be careful and careful, and carefully assess the child’s psychological and physical health status. Negative consequences related to non-fulfilment of this duty fall on the person responsible for the child who left the child in the playroom.
  4. The rules of the playroom are binding on all persons who leave their children in the playroom.
  5. Full responsibility for the health, safety, appropriate behavior, and compliance of these rules of the children in the playroom is assumed by the parents or adults accompanying the child.
  6. The administrator of the children’s playroom (when working) may refuse to admit a child who constantly does not listen to him or behaves undisciplined, damages the inventory of the playroom, injures other children in the playroom.



  1. In the event of a fire, the guest of the Sanatorium must:
  •  immediately report this to the fire rescue service at tel. 112 and the Sanatorium’s reception tel. 90 or +370 667 22801.
  • note the evacuation plan in the room, which indicates the evacuation exits.
  • leave the dangerous area and act according to the instructions of the Sanatorium staff or the fire rescue service.



  1. The operator is not responsible for guests’ personal belongings left on the territory of the Sanatorium.
  2. Sanatorium staff is not responsible for children left without adult supervision on the territory of the Sanatorium.
  3. Guests who believe that their claims submitted to the sanatorium have been investigated improperly and their rights have been violated, may apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service: in writing to the address: Vilniaus St. 25, 01402 Vilnius, through the Consumer Rights Information System (VTIS) –


Violation Fine, Eur
Non-compliance with internal rules (one violation)250,00
For each case of smoking on the balcony, rooms, and public areas of the Sanatorium100,00
Lost magnetic key11,00




ServicesPrice, Eur
Early check in, price per 1 hour10,00
Late departure, when a guest leaves until 7 p.m., price per 1 hour10,00
Late departure when a guest leaves after 7 p.m.Full price of the room for the next day
Change of procedure and time of procedure (first time – free of charge)5,00
Repeat visit to the doctor and change of treatment plan10,00
For sending items left behindThe guest pays by calling the courier
For keeping things left behind5,00 / d.




Damage to the inventory Price, Eur
Sheer (day) curtains100,00-350,00
Night curtains450,00-550,00
Bedspread DBL57,00-171,00
Bedspread SNGL30,00-150,00
Mattress DBL43,00-129,00
Memory foam mattress DBL20,00-24,00
Memory foam mattress SNGL10,00-15,00
Blanket SNGL10,00-30,00
Bath towel4,00-12,00
Hand towel3,00-9,00
Bath floor mat2,00-6,00
Sauna towel9,00
Children ‘s robe13,00-39,00
Glass (water)3,00
Glass (wine)4,00
Phone set25,00-116,00
Room mirror58,00
Bath mirror73,00
Bath glass partition275,00
Writing desk174,00
Coffee machine20,00-150,00
Door / bath door174,00-348,00
Rubbish bin10,00-30,00
Air conditioner remote control30,00-45,00
Air conditioner panel90,00-110,00
Balcony window or its part (handle)20,00-150,00
Microwave oven200,00-250,00
Decorative pillow10,00-20,00