Facial procedures

Nourishing fast-acting face mask + facial roller massage

22 / 20 min.

Saponin-rich ginseng berries together with ginseng extracts brighten the skin and strengthen its resistance to the negative effects of the environment. Carefully selected supplements of other East Asian plants – heartburn, licorice root, white peony root, lily of the valley flowers, apricot kernels and true glitter extract – moisturize and nourish the skin, giving it vitality.

The adenosine and allantoin in the mask reduce wrinkles and firm the skin, making it smoother and brighter. Roller massage helps to strengthen the muscles of the facial skin, increases their tone and activates blood circulation.

Regenerative facial treatment

73 / 60 min.

Tailored and targeted revitalization:

  • skin exam to identify the target skin: [maturing skin] – [dry skin] – [congested skin],
  • personalized vitamin-packed revitalization,
  • high precision treatment with a specific meso-plumping massage.

Medical inspiration from mesotherapy. Rich ingredient list: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C, B, E, Amino Acids, microelements Na, Mg, Zn, Mn, Si.

Hydra-revitalizing results

  • revives the skin: 100%
  • moisturizes: 100%
  • revitalizes: 100%

Firming facial treatment

70 / 60 min.

Hyaluronic acid, peptides and EGF target all facial wrinkles with a 3 DIMENSIONS wrinkle correcting and facial oval modeling procedure. High effectiveness in reducing all types of wrinkles: goose feet, facial wrinkles, deep wrinkles and wrinkles at the neck and cheeks.

The course of the procedure: make-up removal, skin type determination, targeted mechanical wrinkle scrub, wrinkle smoothing massage, rejuvenating face mask, cream lubrication.

Effect: This procedure controls all types of wrinkles. Relaxing facial wrinkles. Filled concave areas of the face are filled. Deep wrinkles are compared. The skin becomes noticeably plumper

Soothing facial treatment for sensitive skin

70 / 60 min.

Designed to soothe even the most sensitive skin after just one procedure. Suitable for after sunbathing, after active, aesthetic and medical facial skin treatments, for permanently sensitive facial skin.

During the procedure:

Gentle exfoliation with the enzyme Protease – the skin becomes clear, soft and smooth.

An exclusive and unique massage that reduces redness is performed with cold rollers and hands. Stimulates blood and lymph microcirculation, collagen and elastin synthesis.

The soothing cooling mask with vitamins B3 B5 C, flavanoids, saponins, allantoin and peptides soothes even the most sensitive facial skin perfectly and for a long time. Promotes deep cell hydration, strengthens the hydrolipid film and skin protective function, protects against the formation of free radicals. Helps soothe irritated skin and gives it a feeling of comfort.

Lubricating creams – choosing the right products for the face and eyes.

Enjoy bright, smooth and fresh skin.

Rejuvenating and brightening treatment to reduce pigment spots

69 / 75 min.

A powerful treatment that restores the natural brightness, radiance and smoothness of facial skin.

Double, pleasant, deep facial scrub:

Mechanical – enzymatic – acid scrubbing – gentle, deep with natural seawater crystals, red algae acid and enzyme protease. Removes dead cells, brightens, smoothes facial skin.

Acid scrub – brightens, regenerates skin cells, reduces pigment spots with algae and glycolic acids.

Two unique masks:

Pure pore is a cleansing, detoxifying, antioxidant facial skin mask with volcanic stone powder.

Oligoforce lumination textile mask – moisturizing, smoothing wrinkles, brightening facial skin with sea water, blue microalgae Eternelle marine and seaweed cocktail.

Two targeted massages:

Firming and anti-wrinkle facial massage.

Relaxing hand massage.

The face and eye area are lubricated with customized products.

More brightness – 97%

Less wrinkles – 91%

Less pigment spots – 78%

Rejuvenating facial skin therapy

65 / 75 min.

Exclusive, luxurious, rejuvenating treatment. An alternative to plastic facial skin stretching surgery. Special osteopathic facial massage with special accessories: roller and wand. The warm wax face mask especially tightens the skin and effectively smoothes wrinkles.

Oxygen facial therapy

54 / 75 min.

The treatment is designed is for the greyish skin that has lost luminosity, as well as for the mixed and oily skin types. Effect: detoxifies, oxygenates, cleans, gives matte and glow, minimises pores.

Moisturizing facial skin therapy

54 / 75 min.

To have a great-looking facial skin, you need to keep in mind the most important thing – moisturizing. Irrigation helps keep it firm, supple, smooth and youthful. Moisturizing the facial skin slows down the appearance of wrinkles and stops the aging process. Only properly moisturized skin can look youthful and beautiful. During the procedure, the facial skin will be pampered by scrubbing with natural papaya enzymes and a moisturizing face mask with brown laminaria algae, which abundantly moisturizes, nourishes and revitalizes even the dehydrated and tired skin.

The course of the procedure: face preparation, scrubbing, two masks, massage, cream application. The back is pampered with a mask of self-heating mud.

Cleansing facial skin therapy

54 / 75 min.

One of the basic skincare routines is cleansing. This is the procedure that may not be ignored, as the skin is continuously regenerating, causing a layer of dead cells to accumulate on the surface of the skin, which needs to be removed. In the course of a single treatment, your facial skin will be pampered using a scrub and a cleansing mask, following which your facial skin will regain vitality.

Preparation of the facial skin, facial scrub, facial massage, cleansing, pore-minimising antiseptic mask, self-warming mud mask on the back, and hand massage.

Amber facial therapy

58 / 60 min.

The amber mask is a real find for your face. The procedure consists of an amber mask, facial scrub and the activating amber oil application to your face. The treatment is designed to stimulate the muscles and skin of the décolleté, neck, and face areas. Following the treatment, you will feel improved blood flow, your face will glow and your cells will regenerate. The regenerative and antiseptic properties of amber provide great results in terms of facial skin cleansing and improving its condition. Products used: amber powder, amber water, amber oil, and warm amber bags.

Amber face mask

29 / 30 min.

This facial mask is very effective for the treatment of oily and acne-prone skin. Your skin will be disinfected, saturated with succinic acid, and the activity of subcutaneous sebaceous glands will be balanced (a dry mask is applied to oily facial skin, and the same is mixed with amber water when applied to dry skin).

Products used: amber powder and amber water.

Rejuvenating fast-acting face mask + facial roller massage

22 / 20 min.

Korean black raspberry berries have exceptional antioxidant properties, refreshing and brightening the facial skin. Carefully selected additives from other East Asian plants (peach blossoms, licorice ankle roots, southern ginseng root, Fo-Ti root, and licorice root) nourish and moisturize facial skin. The adenosine in the mask enhances the anti-wrinkle effect of the mask, while allantoin and niacinamide brighten, smooth and firm the skin.

Roller massage helps to strengthen the muscles of the facial skin, increases their tone and activates blood circulation.

Brightening fast-acting face mask + facial roller massage

22 / 20 min.

Blueberry extract is rich in anthocyanins, minerals and vitamins that strengthen and revitalize the skin. These substances form a moisturizing barrier that makes facial skin smooth and healthy. Carefully selected extracts of Oriental plants – Rehmannia chinensis root, apricot kernels, southern ginseng root, Fo-Ti root, sweet potato dioscorea root and Japanese serpentine root – moisturize and nourish the facial skin. The niacinamide in the mask brightens the facial skin, and the flower extracts soothe and moisturize sensitive, dry skin and help maintain the moisture of the facial skin for longer.

Roller massage helps to strengthen the muscles of the facial skin, increases their tone and activates blood circulation.

Moisturizing fast-acting face mask + facial roller massage

22 / 20 min.

Chokeberry fruit extract is rich in anthocyanins, tannins and vitamins that strengthen sagging skin, giving it firmness and vitality. Carefully selected supplements of other East Asian plants – heartwort, white peony roots, Japanese elm roots, lily-of-the-valley flowers, sticky rehmania and bushy root – moisturize, nourish tired skin and give it vitality. The adenosine contained in the mask helps to reduce wrinkles and – together with plant flower extracts – reliably and for a long time moisturizes sensitive and dry skin.

Roller massage helps to strengthen the muscles of the facial skin, increases their tone and activates blood circulation.

Japanese therapeutic face massage Kobido

75 / 75 min.

In year 1972 at the request of the Japan Empress, massage was introduced to provide and maintain energy and beauty. This massage which has a long tradition unites the areas of the face, head and neck. After the procedure an influx of forces is felt, the face and skin are beautified, and the “lifting” effect is felt.

Advantages of Japanese therapeutic facial massage (KOBIDO):

  • Relaxes and gives not only physical but also emotional strength
  • Strengthens and tones the facial muscles
  • Reduces facial wrinkles, brightens the skin
  • Improves facial muscle tone, metabolism
  • Stops the aging process
  • Cleans toxins and deep dirt
  • Normalizes the skin’s moisture balance.

This massage is recommended for both men and women looking for brighter and younger facial skin. Also for those who experience a lot of stress, want to relax and beautify the oval and skin of the face. For best results, it is recommended to take the course of 10 procedures twice a year.