SPA procedures for two

Royal relaxation for two

178 / 90 min.


A rejuvenating golden spa treatment for face and body: body wrap, facial treatment and body massage. This luxurious treatment rejuvenates the skin and has a relaxing effect on the body. The exclusive regenerative properties of 24-carat gold are combined with the power of rejuvenating flowers to transform your face and body. Active ingredients: 24-carat gold powder for regeneration; passion flower for deep moisturising and restoration of firmness;


A rejuvenating facial treatment for men. Face washing with fresh cleansing foam, toning, peeling with the use of the microdermabrasive mechanic and enzyme scrub with natural exfoliating particles as hard as diamond. A deeper massage of fine lines and wrinkles with active rejuvenating concentrate containing hyaluronic acid. Effective rejuvenating masks with hyaluronic acid. Application of a moisturising face cream and massage with rejuvenating under-eye cream containing natural algae and coastal plant extracts, as well as a full body scrub and massage with a moisturising and nourishing extract.

Massage for her and him + relaxing bath

138 / 75 min.

The massage technique brings peace to your mind and soul and allows immerse yourself in the relaxing experience. This technique soothes a tired body, relieves emotional tension and enhances the joy of togetherness. The essential oils and gentle music used during the treatment improve mood and take you to an oasis of peacefulness. The full body massage is followed by pampering yourself in a relaxing bath that perfectly re-mineralises the skin.

Oriental ritual for two

128 / 60 min.

Body massage with a combination of oriental spices. Perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin with substances, vitamins A, B, E. Eliminates unnecessary stress and tension in the body.

Holiday SPA for two: body peel + bath

85 / 40 min.

Golden dandelion treatment, which gives dandelions power, brightness, softness and allows you to feel the refreshing touch of summer – taking you on holiday. During the procedure, the skin is supplemented with carotenes – an anti-aging elixir based on coenzyme Q10, vitamins, minerals and essential unsaturated fatty acids that maintain optimal skin moisture levels and nutrient balance.

Body scrub with milk scrub + relaxing massage bath with dandelion salt.