Cold Therapy

Cold therapy in a chamber

With a doctor’s appointment
12 / 1 – 3 min.
Without a doctor’s appointment
15 / 1 – 3 min.

Benefits of cryotherapy:

Cold therapy effectively cures acute pain, chronic pain of spine, joints and muscles, depression, anxiety, relieves inflammation processes and strengthens immune system. It also improves skin condition and reduces cellulite, as the blood circulation of the subcutaneous layer is activated during the treatment. After the treatment, you will feel pleasantly euphoric and elated.

Local cold therapy

With a doctor’s appointment
8 / iki 12 min.
Without a doctor’s appointment

The Cryo T Elephant cold device makes it possible to apply the cold therapy solely to a problem area. Tissue exposure to cold reduces the demand for oxygen and intensity of metabolic processes. Based on the stimulation of reflexes, the cold causes a significant chain of reactions in the heat regulating systems, particularly, the increase in the norepinephrine level, which narrows the capillaries. Several hours after the cold-based treatment, the blood vessels in the skin expand due to a higher flow of blood. The cold has a relaxing effect, the decreased tone in shortened muscles eliminates the pain syndrome and allows to reduce the degree of joint immobility. The application of the cold to an inflammatory focus stops the proliferation of microorganisms. The treatment is recommended in case of the following conditions: injuries (bruises, fractures), burns (thermal shock removal), follow up treatment, rheumatic and degenerative bone and joint disorders, muscle spasms, hypertonia, muscle and ligament sprains, inflammation, pain syndrome, neuralgia, oedema and cellulitis.

The local cold therapy should not be used in the case of Raynaud syndrome and other peripheral vascular diseases, heart diseases (cardiovascular insufficiency) and allergy to the cold.