Salt chamber

10 / 30 min.

More and more people are looking for opportunities to enhance their health by using recipes dictated by nature. Already several thousand years ago it was noticed that salt mine air had a positive effect on humans and even healed them. One of those ways is salt chamber.

Here the human body is exposed to salt-saturated air. Therapeutic effect comes not only from the salt-covered walls in the chamber but dry salt (NaCl) aerosol sprayed to the air through a special opening. Small particles of salt cover the skin forming a thin layer on it and get into the respiratory tract disinfecting and healing them in this way.

Healing effect of salt chamber: useful for people with chronic, allergic respiratory tract diseases. The fine salt particles get even into the smallest bronchi causing an anti-inflammatory effect on them. Therefore secretions are excreted quicker, coughing and breathing get easier and the lungs get cleaner. It helps restoring and maintaining the beauty and healthy appearance of the skin. It reduces allergic rashes, skin scaling, helps he skin to regenerate, protects against aging and wrinkles. It treats nervous system disorders: salt chamber has a calming effect and helps getting rid of sleep problems and nervousness.

The minimum recommended treatment applying halotherapy method is 10 sessions. In case of people with chronic pulmonary diseases we recommend visiting salt chamber 20-28 times.

Halotherapy is like an elixir to human lungs, prophylaxis to skin and relaxation to the body.