Individual kinesitherapy

With a doctor’s appointment
15 / 30 min.
Without a doctor’s appointment
18 / 30 min.

Kinesiotherapy is one of the major types of treatment used for rehabilitation purposes. This therapy is based on the fact that proper body movement helps to renew, improve and maintain the functional state of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and other systems. Kinesiotherapy has great benefits for patients suffering from back, spinal and joint pain. In order to ensure the efficiency of the kinesiotherapy-based treatment, the Gradiali sanatorium makes use of the following methods: active (therapeutic exercise, various games and sports elements) and passive (massages, healing baths and other therapies). To this end, we offer aquatic kinesiotherapy, kinesiotherapy in a gym with fitness equipment or a complex of special exercises that a kinesiology therapist will select based on your health-related complaints. Kinesiotherapy is a highroad to the treatment of illnesses, removal of long-time health problems and improvement of the health in general.

Group kinesitherapy (for groups of up to 8 people)

With a doctor’s appointment
5 / 30 min.
Without a doctor’s appointment
7 / 30 min.

Kinesiotherapy in a gym is a complex of therapeutic exercises performed in the gym under the guidance of a kinesiology therapist. Kinesiotherapy (movement therapy) is one of the main forms of treatment for rehabilitation and health strengthening purposes. Proper movement and correct breathing help to improve and maintain good functioning of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and other systems, normalise metabolism and improve the overall functioning of the internal organs. The kinesiotherapy in a gym is performed with the use of small balls, Gymnic balls, Therra-Band bands, sticks and various other types of sports equipment, which will make the therapeutic exercises interesting and effective. The group kinesiotherapy is applicable for the purposes of strengthening all muscles of the body in cases of spinal disorders (improvement of posture, treatment of spinal osteochondrosis, radiculopathies, and conditions after spinal surgery), as well as in cases of joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, Bechterev’s disease, and conditions after joint surgery), respiratory illnesses (bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis), endocrine system disorders (diabetes, thyroid gland disorders, etc.), and cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, hypertension). 10 sessions are recommended in order to feel the impact on your health.

Kinesitherapy in vertical bath

With a doctor’s appointment
10 / 30 min.
Without a doctor’s appointment
12 / 30 min.

Kinesitherapy in  mineral water is an excellent method of exercising intended for people of different age and fitness. Water has an additional effect on human body and forms specific conditions for the procedure. This is an efficient workout because water resistance affects movements.

You will notice that after the course of the procedures (10-15 sessions) joint and back pains soothed and disappeared, muscles got stronger, joint mobility increased, tolerance for physical load increased, metabolism got better, weight was lost, and mood got better.

Workout in water helps to overcome depression, makes the patient more vigilant, this is excellent and fun means to recuperate and improve health. Therapeutic effect: soothes pain; increases joint amplitude and muscle strength; reduces tension and stress;

Indications for patients with: osteochondrosis, radiculitis, in case of back pains, spinal intervertablal disc herniations, after various injuries (bone fractures, joint dislocations, ruptures of meniscus, ligaments, tendon, and muscles, after microsurgeries, after shoulder joint, shoulder  endoprosthesis, in case of joint inflammations, pains, limited joint mobility, neurological and cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, for people engaged in hard mental and physical work, for overweight people.

Kinesiotherapy in vertical bath with streching

With a doctor’s appointment
15 / 45 min.
Without a doctor’s appointment

Vertical stretching of the spine is a set of special exercises performed in a vertical mineral water bath, involving stretching and relaxation using additional tools. You will perform vertical stretching of your spine under the supervision of a kinesiology therapist. Vertical stretching of the spine is advisable for patients with osteochondrosis, radiculitis, herniated intervertebral discs, as well as after various injuries and bone fractures, and for those suffering from back and joint pain, limited joint mobility. The basic principle of the treatment is the stretching of the spine in the water in various directions using certain tools and performing exercises. The muscle relaxation and partial weightlessness allows performing active therapeutic movements much easier and almost painlessly.

Therapeutic effect:

  • Reduction of back pain,
  • Muscle strengthening,
  • Increased vertebral mobility,
  • Slowing down the progression of pathological processes of the spine, muscle atrophy and spinal deformities.

Kinesiotherapy using ``Redcord`` equipment

With a doctor’s appointment
25 / 60 min.
Without a doctor’s appointment
30 / 60 min.

Spine stretching is a great means for:

  • Improving the nutrition of the intervertebral discs,
  • Reducing the symptoms of nerve root compression,
  • Enhancing spinal mobility,
  • Relieving tension in the muscles of the lumbar spine area.

The RedCord equipment used during the treatment session allows adjusting the stretching intensity and applying vibration, which helps to relax tense structures better. The testing of the patient is carried out through the exercise with a gradually increased exercise load in a closed kinetic chain. The load is being increased to the point where the patient is unable to carry out an exercise properly or feels pain. An affection or muscle weakness are diagnosed if the patient is unable to perform an exercise with a relatively low load or an asymmetry of muscular strength in the right and left parts of the body is observed during exercise. The localisation is then determined more precisely by performing exercises in an open kinetic chain. The RedCord system also enables diagnosing spinal vertebrae mobility, instability, and joint mobility.

Biometrics E-LINK balance and symmetry correction with DFP4 module

With a doctor’s appointment
Without a doctor’s appointment

The force / balance plates module is used for the assessment and training of the weight force distribution and balance. The plates are stable, which makes their use safe for patients with balance disorders. The procedure is aimed at assessing the patient’s balance. The assessment is carried out based on a standardised methodology, and the data obtained is automatically used to determine the appropriated level of computer games and exercises.

E-LINK force plates are widely used for:

  • Rehabilitation of neurological and orthopaedic patients;
  • Patients with spinal injuries;
  • Prevention of falls;
  • Treatment of labyrinthine disorders.


With a doctor’s appointment
0 / 60 min.
Without a doctor’s appointment
10 / 60 min.

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