Mud and Paraffin Treatment

Fango-paraffin applications

10 / 20 min.

Fango-Paraffin is a paraffin with mud additives of volcanic origin applications of which not only reduce inflammation processes but they are also effective in treatment of joint diseases and helpful in case of disorders of musculoskeletal or neurological nature.

Earlier applications made of the white paraffin used to be heated up in a device which used to concentrate the heat in the centre of the product, therefore there often were cases when these spots turned red or even burned. Our establishment purchased a latest-generation device which made using fango-paraffin for applications possible.

Applications are completely safe: evenly distributed heat prevents burns. Additives of volcanic origin are rich in minerals and microelements. Warm applications prepared by means of this device are placed on the joints, the spine, at the waist, depending on the disease the patient has.

These procedures not only improve blood circulation, sooth joint pain but they also reduce inflammation processes and strengthen the immune system of the body at the same time.

Pparaffin baths for arms and hands

/ 15 min.

Skin refreshing, nourishing and cherishing paraffin baths for arms and hands are perfect for the cold season. They are particularly useful in case of frostbites and hand skin prone to cracking. Hands are dipped in warm paraffin saturated with a variety of useful substances, then they are wrapped in special plastic and gloves. Warm paraffin helps the useful substances to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, smoothes and soothes it. Paraffin bath warms up hand skin and opens the pores in this way improving blood circulation, rejuvenating the skin, softening the horny layer of it, opening the pores so that all active substances could penetrate into the subsurface. The heat makes the skin sweat exerting toxins in this way.

It is claimed that the effect of paraffin therapy last longer than a week.

Physicians recommend them to anyone with blood circulation disorders. They are particularly useful for patients complaining about cold limbs. The baths sooth pains of chronic arthritis, relax tense muscles, improve joint flexibility, relax tired hands, warm up cold hands, and improve blood circulation.

Do not be afraid of burns: paraffin is characteristic of low thermal conductivity, therefore it releases heat little by little. This is an effective procedure for dry, sensitive hand skin tired and damaged as a result of work.

If hand skin is emaciated, one procedure may not be enough – sometimes it needs the whole course.

Mud bath

15 / 20 min.

A mud bath is a treatment that uses sapropelic mud. This jelly-like substance is extracted by excavating mud from freshwater bodies. Although mineralisation of the mud is low, it is rich in biologically active substances, acids and various microelements. The mud has a high thermal capacity and conductivity, and contains penicillin-like which helps to reduce inflammations. Mud application directs more blood to the treated area and surrounding tissues, improves blood circulation and metabolism, changes the functional state of the nervous system and endocrine glands. It also improves immune reactivity, strengthens digestive function, relieves pain, promotes healing of inflammatory processes, reduces adhesions and softens scars.

Mud bath treatment is applicable in the following conditions:

  • Diseases and inflammations of connective tissue and musculoskeletal system and joints,
  • Osteochondrosis of the spine,
  • Ankylosing spondylitis,
  • Inflammations of muscles and tendons,
  • Bone fractures,
  • Scars and adhesions.

Nervous system: Nerve or nerve root and plexus disorders, correction of the effects of spine and brain injuries.

Digestive system: Chronic inflammation of the stomach and gastrointestinal mucosa, peritoneal adhesions, chronic inflammation of the gallbladder and bile ducts.

Gynaecological and urological diseases: Chronic inflammation of the ovaries, inflammation of the vagina and uterus, functional ovarian failure, cervical erosion, menstrual disorders, chronic inflammation of the prostate and testicles.

Other conditions: Peripheral vascular diseases, traumas, burns, frostbites, chronic ear, nose and throat diseases.

In certain cases this type of treatment is not recommended, as mud procedures may over-strengthen or weaken the effects of certain medications you are taking. The mud treatment is also not recommended if there is an exacerbation of a chronic digestive disease and in case of active tuberculosis, cardiovascular insufficiency, epilepsy, kidney diseases, cirrhosis of the liver, fever, and pregnancy.

Mud wrap

With a doctor’s appointment
12 / 20 min.
Without a doctor’s appointment

Curative mud is a natural organic-mineral colloidal derivative consisting of biologically active, vitamin and hormone-like substances and trace elements. During the procedure, the stimulation of the nerve receptors in the skin takes place, complex reflex reactions are triggered and biologically active substances produced that affect all systems of the body. The changes caused by the mud application lead to the normalisation of various body functions.

The temperature and chemical composition of the mud have a healing effect and improve peripheral blood flow and microcirculation, which promotes tissue nutrition and resorption of inflammatory infiltrates, reduces pain sensation, stimulates endocrine gland activity, as well as strengthens the adaptive and compensatory functions the body.

During the treatment, the patient is lying on a warm couch with mud. The mud is also applied to the upper surface of the body. The body with the curative mud application is then wrapped in polyethylene film and covered with a blanket. The chest area is left open.