Medical services


The Gradiali Health and Spa Centre provides medical rehabilitation and wellness services.

The scope of our services encompasses the following areas: musculoskeletal disorders/injuries, nervous system disorders, endocrine system disorders, respiratory system disorders, circulatory system disorders, digestive system disorders, and gynaecological disorders.

The medical staff of the GRADIALI Health and Spa Centre are ready to accept both severe patients after complex surgeries, severe injuries or exacerbations in chronic diseases, as well as clients who wish to strengthen their health.

To take care of the health of our patients and clients, we offer long-term and short-term treatment and wellness programmes designed to meet everyone’s needs.

We strive to ensure that the treatment provided by the GRADIALI Health and Spa Centre in Palanga meets the expectations and needs of each visitor to the Health and Spa Centre. Our employees are qualified specialists working in various fields: rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists, an occupational therapist, masseurs, a psychologist, speech therapist, social worker, dietitian, podiatrist, PM&R nurses, GP nurses.

Our Health and Spa Centre ensures the conditions to reside, have meals and treatments without leaving the Health and Spa Centre building. All guests to the Health and Spa Centre and patients arriving for rehabilitation are accommodated in cosy rooms.

You can make you bookings and get all required information concerning the accommodation, treatments and meals by calling at +370 667 22801 (hotel reception) and +370 667 22803 (reception for patients arriving for rehabilitation).

Health services are provided by JSC “Palangos Žvorūnė”and JSC “Sveikatos uostas”.