Medical SPA Treatment

Health and Spa TREATMENT

The Gradiali Health and Spa Centre offers health and spa treatment for those suffering from chronic illnesses, encountering health problems or wishing to strengthen their health and prevent health-related problems in the future. We offer health and spa treatment programmes of various duration bur the recommended minimum length is a 5-night stay.

Health and spa treatment includes:

  • Accommodation (in a single or double room, depending on your choice);
  • Three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner);
  • Doctor’s consultation on arrival and in the course of the treatment;
  • Drawing up a treatment plan;
  • Up to five (5) treatments per day based on doctor’s recommendations;
  • Unlimited access to the pool and sauna complex.


Therapeutic treatments are assigned based on the treatment groups listed below (one treatment out of each group).

Treatment I: 

Classical therapeutic massage (optionally: head, neck, back, lumbosacral, abdomen, arm, leg, or spine areas, duration: 20 min); dry hydromassage (15-20 min); and underwater massage (20 min).

Note: (a therapeutic hand massage is given every 2 days, while on other days you will be given an underwater massage or dry hydromassage)

Treatment II:

Physiotherapy (individual, 30 min); physiotherapy in a vertical bath (combined spinal stretching, 30-45 min); water aerobics (40 min); Nordic walking (45 min); occupational therapy (individual, 30 min); physiotherapist’s consultation (30 min); occupational therapist’s consultation (30 min); psychologist’s consultation (30 min); speech therapist’s consultation (30 min); dietician’s consultation (30 min, without drawing up a nutrition plan).

Treatment III:

Magnetotherapy (using the Qs Magnetotherapy, Mag-Expert, or Multimag devices; 15-20 min); electromagnetic therapy (using the Bemer or Magnetovital devices’ 8-25 min); laser therapy (using the Las-Expert, Laser magnetic or Hyper photon 3D devices, 8-10 min); electrotherapy (using the BTL, Physiomed-If-Expert, or Stima Well devices (electrostimulation, TENS, IF); 10 min); Bioptron light therapy (10 min); lymphatic drainage (using the Lypha-mat digital, or Lymphastim machines; for leg, arm, and waist areas; up to 20 min); ultrasound therapy (3-6 min); activation of intestinal peristalsis using the Mowoot device (10 min); a dry carbonic acid bath (10 min); local cold therapy (up to 12 min).

Treatment IV:

Pearl baths (herbal, aromatised, with bischofite, with turpentine, carbonated; 15 min); galvanic baths for hands and feet (20 min); whirlpool baths for hands (with bischofite or turpentine; 15 min), whirlpool baths for feet (with bischofite or turpentine; 15 min.); mud baths (15 min); mud wraps (15 min); paraffin baths for hands (15 min); fangoparaffin applications (20 min).

Treatment V:

Physiotherapy (in groups; 30 min); occupational therapy (in groups, 30 min.); inhalations (with propolis, thyme, eucalyptus, lavender, mineral water; 10 min); oxygen cocktails (10 min); salt room (30 min); relaxation (without a psychologist; 30 min); binaural therapy (30 min); aromatherapy (30 min); the Kasina-meditation therapy (30 min).

All of this will enable you to relax and enjoy your recreation time at the Gradiali Health and Spa Centre! The price of the health and spa treatment per day is given below:

Children of up to three years of age: free of charge; children aged 4-15: EUR 30; children aged 16 and over: EUR 49. 50% discount applies for a room price where one adult stays with one child, plus a fee for the child. The price includes three meals a day. Treatments for a child or an additional adult are not included.

All guests can use the swimming pool, jacuzzis, steam, Finnish, and Russian saunas, enjoy the health promoting weather and nice views characteristic of the seaside resort, as well as make use of the free of charge Wi-Fi and the hotel car park.

Should you be interested in our health and spa treatment and would like to get more information, please call us at +370 667 22801 and +370 667 22803, or email your queries to

The medical services are provided by:

Palangos Žvorūnė, UAB

Sveikatos Uostas, UAB.