Health center “Gradiali” team of medical specialists and medical personnel welcomes both: severely ill patients recovering from complicated surgeries or injuries, as well as clients willing to improve their health. Here guests are provided with professional services, modern medical equipment and sincere attention. We provide rehabilitation, treatment, health recovery services in Medical SPA Hotel “Gradiali”. The main fields are: treatment of endocrine, neurological, respiratory system illnesses and musculo-sceletal disorders.

We are proud of our medical team – rehabilitation specialists, a psychologist, a plastic surgeon, physical therapists, an occupational therapist, a diabetic foot specialist, nurses, a social worker, masseurs and others.

We understand the needs of people with movement disability therefore we have rooms with functional beds, nurse call system and other essential facilities, that are important for guests to feel comfortable. Guests can live, eat and perform procedures without leaving the building. Moreover, all guests have the opportunity to enjoy SPA, fitness room, Wi-Fi and other advantages.

With respect to our patient centred care, we offer short- and long-term treatment and health promotion programs.

Please call +370 460 31888 to book your room and get all the information about facilities.

Health services are provided by JSC “Palangos Žvorūnė”.